Friday, April 3, 2015

Moses (Herzliya, Israel)

Arieh Shenkar Street 14, Herzliyya, Israel, T: 09-956-6628

Moses is one of the most successful of the relatively new upscale burger chains in Israel, mimicking the similar development in the US. It has a kids/hipster feel to it. The menu is what is to be expected: several varieties of burgers, including vegetarian options, chicken options, and other sandwiches. Emphasis is on the quality of the ingredients, while several more upscale drinks and sides options are available.

I order the Crunch Burger (ISL 54 or ca. $13.75). It is a huge beef burger, which is breaded and deep fried, with 1000 island and crisp coleslaw, in a sesame bun. It is heavy but tasty. The side of spicy potato wedges (ISL 17 or $4.25) are prefab, but very crispy and well seasoned. The others really like their dishes too.

VERDICT: 88/100
Moses is one of the best American-style upscale burger restaurants outside of US, but you pay for it.

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