Saturday, April 4, 2015

Burgeranch (Tel Aviv, Israel)

At Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel (at the gates)
Burgeranch is an Israeli fast food chain that has over 100 locations in Israel. While it is clearly a rip-off of Burger King, its relationship with the US fast food giant is complex. Its menu is almost exactly the same as Burger King, despite the different names and the fact that you can choose your burgers by weight (100-200-300gr). Obviously, Burgeranch is kosher.

I get the Spaniard of 200 gr (ISL 59 or $). It is a gross rubbery fake whopper that makes me long for a real whopper, which is really sad. I get a side of Potato Wedges, which are a big portion of fat soggy prefab wedges., and a Coke Zero. Altogether it costs a steep ISL 59 (or $15).

VERDICT: 52/100 
Burgeranch offers huge portions of very bad fast food. Avoid, even at the airport.

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