Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cadillac Burgers (Athens, Greece) -- CLOSED!

Voulis 44A, Athens 10558, Greece, T: 21-0325-5240

Caddilac Burgers is a funky little burger bar in the touristic Plaka area of Athens, close to the Akropolis. It has a classic, old-school US theme, including the obligatory Route-66 design. They offer about 10 different types of “real American burgers”, which are more Greek versions of US favorites, as well as fries and onion rings. The clientele is a combination of (mainly US) tourists and hipster/rich Greek twenty-somethings. The two guys behind the counter work really efficient and fast.

I get the Sinatra (3.50), which comes with lettuce, bacon, pickles and bbq sauce. It's a risk, but I'm a bit disappointed by the Greek version of the bacon-chili burger (here the Al Pacino). The burgers are (just) 120 gram of (I guess mixed) minced meat, have a soft consistency, and are prepared on a griddle, which make them a bit crispy. The next day I return for the Cadillac (5), which is a double burger with lettuce, bacon, tomato, caramelized onions, and “Cadillac Sauce”. While the burgers do not taste anything like US burgers, mostly because of the different meat, they are tasty. I also get onion rings (2), which are thick, crusty, and tasty too.

VERDICT: 88/100
Cadillac Burgers serve by far the best burgers I had in Greece.

-------> Unfortunately, when I returned in 2017 Cadillac Burgers was closed.

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