Saturday, April 4, 2015

Casino Royal J. Cruz M. (Valparaiso, Chile)

Condell, enter through Bellavista y Edwards, Valparaiso, Chile

Casino Royal J. Cruz M. is the go-to restaurant in Valparaiso. I don't exactly know why, but give that my Chilean friend took me, I went. It is a tourist trap for sure, but it is so odd and unique, that it truly is worth a visit. 

It bills itself as a museum and restaurant and while I would argue that museum is too strong a term, the small cluttered restaurant is interesting to look around in.

As everyone else, we ordered the (world-)famous Chorillana, which is essentially a heap of fries covered with meat (beef?), onion, and egg. A trucker's breakfast, so to say. The fries are fried in olive oil and not my thing, the meat quite chewy, and the dish is overall more an experience than a tasty meal. That said, I absolutely loved the spicy salsa that we got with the rolls as a kind of starter (on the house).

VERDICT: 83/100
Is J. Cruz M. a tourist trap? Yes! Is the food particularly good? No! Should you go? Yes!

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