Sunday, April 19, 2015

BaBa.Q (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Agiou Dimitriou 168, Thessaloniki, Greece

BaBa.Q is a chain of “caffé & barbecue restaurants” in Greece. It serves upscale burgers with mostly US names, but also has several Greek variations. It offers a broad variety of dishes: burgers, hotdogs, chicken dishes/sandwiches, salads, and even some pastas.

I get the Piri Piri Nuggets (3.80), which are two sticks with small pieces of deep fried chicken, served with fries and a dipping sauce. The nuggets are crunchy, but the consistency of the “meat” is even more suspect than in the case of McNuggets. The sauce is more Asian sweet and sour than African Piri Piri. The fries are standard fast food fries, but have some US-style dusting. I also get the BBQLuxe (2.50), a burger with bacon, tomato, mayo, and 1000 Island dressing (I get it without the Parmesan). The burger is well presented, but the meat has a soft texture; allegedly it’s fresh, but it certainly is not 100% beef. The 1000 Island sauce gives the burger a bit fresher taste.

VERDICT: 82/100
Not bad upscale fast food burger place where most dishes are individually prepared for you.

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