Friday, April 3, 2015

Benedict (Tel Aviv, Israel)

29 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv, Israel

Benedict is an upscale/hipster all-day breakfast restaurant, which serves an interesting mix of classic Anglo-Saxon breakfast options with various national signature dishes from around the world. It currently has four locations in Israel and I visit the one in the trendy part of Tel Aviv. Most options come with unlimited bread from the breadbasket and a drink, which can be a freshly squeezed juice, a soda, or a mimosa. The people who work at XX are funky and full of personality. The menu is diverse and almost everything looks delicious. It’s hard to choose.

I’m getting a Benedict Joe (ILS 66 or ca. $17), which is a combination of Eggs Benedict and a Sloppy Joe. It comes on toasted brioche and the unlimited breadbasket (which nutella and jelly dips), a side salad, and a freshly squeezed OJ. The portion is much smaller than expected, but it tastes excellent. All the other items are really fresh and tasty. The side of fries is ok, but nothing special. 

VERDICT: 92/100
Benedict is an expensive breakfast/brunch/lunch place, but it is well worth the money. This particular location had great atmosphere and people, although it’s known for its long lines and waiting period.

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