Sunday, September 17, 2017

Curry One (Berlin, Germany)

Oranienburger Str. 50A, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Pretty open small Currywurst place in the hipster Mitte area, serving almost exclusively Currywurst and fries (though also vegan and beef options)

I get the Berlin Meal: Currywurst, fries, and a soda (€6) but add spicy onions (0.60). The fries were mediocre, prefab and uneventful, the Currywurst decent but made much better by the really spicy onions.

VERDICT: 84/100
Not bad, despite the location.

Schäfer’s Lädchen (Berlin, Germany)

Heidelberger Str. 90, 12435 Berlin, Germany

Schäfer’s Lädchen is a small "Imbiss & Cafe" that sells mainly a few different meats - several types of sausage, boulette, jägerschnitzel - with bread or poßßtato salad -- in addition to drinks and newspapers.

I get the Jägerschnitzel (€1.50) with a roll (€0.30). Like all meats, it's pre-cooked and heated up in oven, but the chunky meat with flavorful coating is actually juicy and tasty.

VERDICT: 88/100
Old-school prices and quality!

Lindenbräu (Berlin, Germany)

Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Lindenbräu is a big modern restaurant in the touristic Sony Center at the Potsdamer Platz that serves traditional German cuisine – at least what is ow internationally known as such. Heavy on meat, although this evening they were out of Currywurst – which is why I actually went there.

A bit distracted by the fact that they were out of Currywurst, and because I already had Schnitzel several days before, I order the Burger, which comes with fries and coleslaw. It comes at a hefty price (€18.50) but it is also a behemoth of 330 grams. Unfortunately, it is mainly a huge Big Mac, and the meat is a massive chunks of the classical European chewy burger.

VERDICT: 74/100
Nothing remarkable and the burger is definitely not worth the hefty price.

Tek-Döner (Frankfurt/Oder, Germany)

Central Station, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany

Tek-Döner is a German company that produces the big skewers of Döner kebab meat that you see rotating in front of a heater in kebab stores. It also seems to be the name of a Döner Kebab Imbiss (snackbar) inside the main station of Frankfurt (Oder), which sells Döner, falafel, Currywurst, fries, etc.

I get a Dürüm Kebab (€3.60), which means it comes in a kind of tortilla wrap. It’s the usual: shaved meat from the skewer, various salads and cabbages, and three basic sauces. It also tastes pretty average.

VERDICT: 72/100
Average price, average quality.

Italiaanse Ijssalon Capriccio (The Hague, The Netherlands)

Strandweg 71, 2586 JL Den Haag, Netherlands

Italiaanse Ijssalon Capriccio is an Italian ice cream place at the boulevard of Scheveningen, close to the famous Kurhaus. The restaurant is quite spacious, and serves coffee, ice cream, etc. They have classic Italian flavors but also some dubious new ones (like Snickers).

I get a corn with two flavors: lemon and hazelnut. Both are quite good. They taste fresh, flavorful, but not exceptional.

VERDICT: 87/100
Good Italian gelato with touristic extra price.

Chipsy King (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Damstraat 8, 1012 JM Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Chipsy King is a new chain of Belgian style frituurs (snackbars) in Amsterdam, which currently has two locations in the touristic heart of the city. They mainly sell Belgian fries and snacks. A major plus is that it also has a lot of sauces from Belgium.

I get a "regular" fries (3.95) with Belgian mayo (1). Both the fries and the mayo are good, up to Belgian standards. The portion looks smaller than it is.

VERDICT: 87/100
Good Belgian fries but ridiculously expensive.