Saturday, April 4, 2015

Friterie Gigi (Welkenraedt, Belgium)

Rue Mitoyenne, 4840 Welkenraedt, Belgium, T: 087-890-580

There are few pig out spots better than a Belgian friterie (snackbar), let alone one in a wooden shack in the middle of nowhere. Friterie Gigi is such a spot and renowned in Belgium at that. It has been regularly voted in the list of best friteries in the country.

I get a Small Frites (EUR 1.80 or $2) with mayonnaise (+ EUR 0.70 or $0.75). The fries are very good, crispy and perfect inside. The mayo is classic Belgian: yum! I also get a Viandelle Picante (EUR 1.80), which is a new snack, pretty spicy, particularly with Samurai (+ EUR 0.70). At last instance I also add a Boulette Maison (EUR 2.30 or $2.50), which is homemade meatball, deep fried, crunchy outside, juicy inside, but funky taste (could be rabbit).

VERDICT: 89/100
Friterie Gigi is a very good snackbar, but the sauces are pretty expensive, and the homemade boulette was tasted funky.

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