Friday, April 3, 2015

Shany Bakery (Haifa, Israel)

Derech Ha'atzmaut 53, Haifa 33033, Israel 

Shany is a small “conditory” (I guess an ‘anglification’ of Konditorei) and espresso bar in the busy port part of downtown Haifa. It has an amazing selection of cakes and pastries. Even better, it has a nice young waiter, the son of the owner, who explains my menu options in English.

I get the breakfast, which, in Israel, is a combination of bread, eggs, cheese, and salad. Presentation is amazing and it tastes as good as it looks. Bread is crunchy, eggs are very tasty, and salad is fresh. It comes with a drink and my fresh OJ is great too. I later get an almond pastry too, which is flaky, has a soft layer of almond inside, and is still warm.

VERDICT: 95/100
This is an amazing breakfast and pastry place!

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