Friday, April 3, 2015

Nadav Kinuchim (Ramat Yishai Industrial Zone, Israel)

Nadav Kinuchim (Nadav’s Desserts) is a small café/restaurant tucked away in a make-shift strip mall on the side of a motorway. It’s technically part of the Ramat Yishai Industrial Zone, about 30 km southeast of Haifa. This amazing restaurant serves an incredible selection of breads, pastries, and other meals. Its specialty is desserts and they come in a dazzling variety.

We get a chunk of the freshly baked sweet chocolate-challah bread, which comes in two varieties: with nuts or with a kind of poppy seeds. We take the latter, it’s still warm, and tastes delicious. It’s best comparable to a huge fluffy cinnamon role, but with slight chocolate flavor. The chocolate mouse has a base of white milky mouse with some cake in it. Great too.

VERDICT: 95/100
Fantastic place. I wish I could have tasted all the breads!

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