Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sandwich Bar (Haifa, Israel)

 Sderot, Hanassi 128, Haifa, Israel, T: 04-838-6386

Sandwich Bar is probably the best named shop in the word: a no-thrills sandwich shop. You can choose from two different types of sandwiches, but different toppings, most of them very fresh (from roast beef to schnitzel, from cream cheese to salmon).

I forgot exactly what sandwich I ordered, I think some kind of ham, which came with all the vegetables you want, and is then pressed in a panini press. While I was quite skeptical at first, as it didn't look special or particularly tasty at all, I was soon won over. These people know how to make sandwiches!

VERDICT: 88/100
Excellent no-thrills sandwich shop, with a lot of choice.

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