Friday, April 3, 2015

Anita Cafe “La Mamma del Gelato” (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Shabazi 25, Tel Aviv, Israel, T: 03-517-0505

Normally I would stay away from a place that calls itself “the mother of gelato”, but Anita Café is no normal place. First of all, it has two locations opposite from each other! Second, it is a global, if exclusive, chain of gelato places with locations in Australia, Israel, and South Africa. It has a great range of tastes, mostly slight variations on classic flavors although there are also some wild original creations.

I went for two originals, pistachio and limoncello, which were scooped up traditional style and pushed in a small cup. As there was at least as much outside of the cup as inside, it was actually a pretty significant serving. The pistachio was creamy and tasty, the limoncello bitter and fresh. Delicious!

VERDICT: 95/100
Some of the best gelato I have eaten outside of the best gelato places in Italy!

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