Saturday, April 4, 2015

Chez Pat (Liers, Belgium)

Rue Provinciale 149, Liers 4042, Belgium, T: 49-6420-088

This is a frituur (snackbar) and restaurant in one, serving fresh salads and steaks as well as regular snacks and fries. It comes very highly recommended, as Chez Pat has made several lists of best snackbars in the country. On this Sunday evening it is absolutely packed.

I'm getting a kroket (croquette), a Mexicano, and a small fries. I add mustard, samourai, and mayo for the respective snacks. The snacks are from the usual better brand and the fries are great - double fried. 

VERDICT: 90/100
Chez Pat is a great frituur that offers less basic options. Next time I will combine them, for example, with a steak frites.

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