Friday, April 3, 2015

Ruben (Haifa, Israel)

Sderot HaNassi 131, Haifa, T: 04-838-2391

Ruben is a small restaurant in the Mount Carmel area of Haifa that has the slogan “when meat meets bread”. It serves mainly Ruben sandwiches and burgers. The Rubens come in different sizes (based on the grams of meat) and are made with corned beef, turkey, or a mix of the two. You also have a choice of breads and everything seems fresh and of the highest quality. On this Tuesday evening it is absolutely packed.

I order a modest sized 200gr Ruben (ISL 37 or ca. $9.25) on a gabette, a soft wheat roll, and get ready for a long wait. When it arrives, it doesn’t disappoint. It is a big sandwich, cut in half to create two decent size sandwiches. The meat is extremely flavorful and further flavor is added by the onion, lettuce, mustard, and some kind of vinegar-oil mix. I am not a particular fan of corned beef, but this is amazing!

VERDICT: 97/100
As good as Ruben’s get, even if they are not the classic ones. Cannot wait to go back to try the huge burgers!

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