Friday, April 3, 2015

Falafel Sabih HaKarmelit-Kasher (Haifa, Israel)

Sderot Hanasi, Haifa 34634, Israel, T: 97248107410 

Few things I like as much as food carts or small kiosks with great food. This small kiosk makes only two things: falafel and sabich (fried eggplant and egg). There are a couple of plastic chairs outside, but overall there is no comfort whatsoever. On this cold evening (for Israeli standards), there nevertheless is a solid stream of customers.

I’m getting the falafel (ISL 18 or ca. $4.50), which comes in a soft wheat pita, with a choice of fresh condiments. The 6-7 falafels that are stuffed in the pita are freshly made and so moist and tasty. I get tahini, tomato, pickles, and spicy sauce and this leads to the best falafel I have ever eaten. 

VERDICT: 98/100
This must be one of the best falafels in the world! Every town should have a Falafel Sabih HaKarmelit-Kasher!

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