Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gordon Biersch (Atlanta, GA)

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Atlanta, GA 30320


Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurants is a chain of restaurants that serve basic American bar food and special beers, notably those from their own brewery. They currently have 35 locations in 19 states, including two in Atlanta, and now a new fairly big one in Atlanta airport.

I get a BBQ Burger ($12.65) and ask for no cheese and add jalapeños. The burger is thick and crusty, but fairly dry (despite ordering medium it comes well done) and burnt on the sides. The bun is thick and quite dry too, the jalapeños fresh but not too spicy, and the bbq sauce basic but not powerful. The fries are standard for a US chain like this: thick, salty, but soggy.

VERDICT: 88:100
It's pretty good for a chain restaurant at the airport.

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