Monday, March 9, 2015

Giraffe (Hounslow, UK)

Terminal 1, Airside, Heathrow Airport (LHR), Hounslow TW6 1QE, UK, T: 020-8607-5980

Giraffe is a chain that has different restaurants, including “Burgers & Cocktails by Giraffe”. This restaurant, in terminal 1 of Heathrow Airport, is a “World Food Bar & Restaurant” that serves a lot of different and fresh options, mostly US (burgers), Mexican (burrito) and Middle Eastern (falafel).

I get the Steak Sandwich, which comes with fries (£11 or ca. $17). The fries are prefab, as expected, yet while they are are quite crispy, they are also fairly tasteless. The steak sandwich is a nicely seasoned skirt steak with a spicy sauce, arugola and read beats on a funky ciabatta bun. Very tasty!

VERDICT: 88/100
Obviously, it is very expensive, but given the location (London & aiport) and the quality, it is actually quite good.

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