Monday, March 9, 2015

Royal Peasant Pub (Athens, GA)

1675 S. Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30606, T: 706-549-7920

The Royal Peasant Pub is a cross between a gourmet English pub and a sports bar, famed for its beers, food, and English Premier League (EPL) and Team USA games. I had eaten here once before, years ago, and was a bit underwhelmed by the much hyped Fish & Chips.

This time I order the Lamb Burger ($11). It is a standard item on the menu, but the toppings change daily. Today the burger comes with ‘spicy chow chow’, which is explained by the waitress as “Southern kimchi”. The burger is absolutely delicious! The meat is juicy, not too strong lamb taste, the bun is toasted on grill (bit dry), and the chow chow gives it all a great flavor. The shoestring fries are salty but tasty. 

VERDICT: 89/100
The Royal Peasant is a nice pub, which serves really great food, if you choose wisely.

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