Monday, March 9, 2015

AJ’s Food Store (Bogart, GA)

2430 Monroe Hwy, Bogart, GA 30622, USA, T: 770-725-7448

AJ’s is a small buffet in a BP gas station of the 78 in Bogart. It is amazing how good business they do in the mornings, when workers will come in to get any combination of quick Southern breakfast. There is no space to eat, so you have to eat it in the car.

I am getting 3 pieces of chicken and a bacon and egg sandwich (in total $5.25). The chicken is lukewarm, very dry, and salty. The bacon is very crispy, but the bread is very basic and the egg spongy.

VERDICT: 60/100
I must be missing something here (biscuits?), but AJ’s is neither good nor cheap.

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