Thursday, March 5, 2015

Palettas (Santiago, Chile)

Av Andres Bello 2447, DPTO 5525, Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Still in the same fancy shopping mall in the heart of the financial district, I go to Palettas, a local chain that only sells original ice pops. Only in such a posh mall could a shop like this exist. The pops are of ice cream and have various interesting tastes, often combinations of some kind of sweet (chocolate) and fruit. All ice pops cost Ps 1600 (ca. $2.50).

I get a “white chocolate with forest fruits” pop, which tastes remarkably good. It is not overly sweet, as the base is vanilla, but at the core is a strip of dark berries, and throughout are small chips of white chocolate. Not my favorite kind of ice cream, but definitely among the best of its kind.

VERDICT: 86/100
While expensive, Palettas takes ice pops to a different level.

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