Thursday, March 5, 2015

Antulica Restaurant (Santiago, Chile)

Pueblito Los Dominicos, Santiago, Chile

Antulica is the main restaurant in the ‘Pueblito Los Dominicos’ open arts and crafts village, close to Los Dominicos metro station. It serves mostly sandwiches, salads, and sweets. I am very hungry, however, and far away from an alternative eatery, so I go big, Chilean style!

I order the “Chorillana” (Ps 5.900 or ca. $ 9.50). It is described as a “typical Chilean plate with meat, sausage, fried eggs, French fries and onions.” What could go wrong? ;-) The meat is a bit chewy, and the sausage a bit dry, but the fries are quite good and the egg and onion soften the rest. Overall, not bad at all, and a must for every self-respecting truck stop.

VERDICT: 81/100
The Chorillana is not for the faint of heart, and might better be shared by two as a lunch snack. The version at Antulica is quite good, but a bit overpriced because of location.

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