Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mr. Jack Burger Bar (Santiago, Chile)

Av El Bosque Norte 0145 L2 – Las Condes, Santiago, Chile, T: 2-982-0535

Mr. Jack Burger Bar is a new local chain in Santiago, which just opened its fourth location. It seems to be inspired by the ongoing burger-deluxe trend in the US. It looks like a mix of a modern fancy wine bar and an old-school diner (but much more like the former). They also claim to be a sports bar, but that just means they have a couple of plasma screens with sports on it. The menu is fairly classic: a bit over ten signature burgers, available on three type of bun (classic hamburger, ciabatta, and pita), as well as some salads and other type of sandwiches. They claim to have “New York Style Burgers”, even though I don't really know what that means.

I am going for the signature “Mr. Jack” (without pepper jack), which comes in at Ps 6.900 (ca. $11). All burgers are 220 gram beef (except the double) and come with French fries. I get my Mr. Jack on a classic hamburger bun. It comes with roasted bacon strips, caramelized onions, tomato, pickles and “our delicious Jack Daniels sweet and sour sauce.” The burgers has a nice flamed grill taste but has a mountain of caramelized onions on it. The bacon is not that crispy and situated exclusively in the middle (as I find out only half way). While I have some (“delicious”) sauce on the side, the burger already tastes a bit too sweet for me. The fries are prefab and a big soggy in the middle.

VERDICT: 85/100
Overall, Mr. Jack serves the best burger I had in Santiago. It would be a decent to good ‘concept burger bar’ in most US cities.

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  1. Lovely!! I really want to try the burger of this local chain in Santiago. I am a great fan of chicken burger with fries. I always order a burger when I go to Boston restaurants with beer. My friend and I love going there every Saturday.