Monday, March 9, 2015

 9 St. Botolphs St, Colchester CO2 7EB, UK, T: 1206-54-556

 Crystal Kebab is a small shawarma place / Turkish restaurant in downtown Colchester. Unlike average shawarma places, it has a real grill and offers a broader selection of meats. At the same time, the feel is not really of a Turkish restaurant and it seems to mainly cater take out. On this specific evening I have the misfortune of being together with a spaced-out Brit, who is so hyper and coked-up, that I decide to take most of my food outside.

I order a pita shawarma (forgot how much I paid), which was a behemoth that filled the whole Styrofoam box that it came in.  The meat was more like a Doner Kebab, as is common in Turkish restaurants, and came covered in fresh veggies and a spicy pasty sauce. While I like classic shawarma more than Doner Kebab, this definitely was one of the better kebabs I have had. Impossible to eat though, as the meats and vegetables made the pita too soggy to pick up.

VERDICT: 87/100
More a shawarma place than a Turkish restaurant, but the Doner Kebab is good.

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