Monday, July 27, 2009

Wienerschnitzel (Grand Junction, CO)

2550 North Avenue, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501

Wienerschnitzel is a chain that specializes in.... exactly, hot dogs! Although they are branching out to include other dishes, such as burgers, chili and sandwiches, do not expect to find anything even resembling a wienerschnitzel! The chain is mostly in the southwest of the US, but has recently made its way as much east as Illinois.

I visited a branch in Grand Junction, Colorado, where the server seemed particularly annoyed with her job. Anyway, I ordered a chili dog ($1.29), and a pastrami sandwich combo (incl. regular fries and a medium drink at $6.39 -- incidentally, a mere $.38 cheaper than when you order everything separate). The chili dog tasted like shit, the fries were ok, and the pastrami (really?) sandwich tasted like mustard and pickle.

VERDICT: 32/100
The fact that a chain with the name Wienerschnitzel does not sell wienerschnitzels should already say enough. But the food they do serve is crap, as is their service. Thus, stay away from this disaster!

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