Saturday, July 4, 2009

R&D Market and Fuel (Chemult, OR)

109565 Hwy 97 N, Chemult, OR 97731, T: 541-365-2349

There were two reasons I stopped here for a burger: (1) who could resist a place where they pump gas and bake burgers (in fact, by the same guy!); (2) there is absolutely nothing else in and around that area. In any case, the place looked greasy enough, smelled like a mix of burgers, gas, and stale popcorn, and promised "burgers so good you might eat your fingers" (don't worry, you won't!).

I guess in a place without any competition in a 50 mile radius, you can even sell burgers as slow food. There were roughly 5 people there, but it took the two people who were making the food (and pumping the gas as well as manning the mini market) easily 15 minutes to make me the LB Onion Ring Burger with fries ($6.95) and two shakes (banana and strawberry, which I think were almost 4 bucks each). The burger was big, but not particularly tasty (though the onion rings helped); the wrinkle fries were standard; the shakes were expensive and way too sweet and creamy.

VERDICT: 64/100
Although certainly an experience, I would stick with gas at R&D Market and Fuel. Definitely stay away from the overpriced shakes and don't worry that you'll eat your fingers.

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