Monday, July 27, 2009

Toast (Littleton, CO)

2700 West Bowles Ave, Littleton, Colorado 80120, T: 303-797-9543

In a suburb of Denver is a place called Toast, which prides itself on "fine food and coffee", and deservedly so. I saw online that it has the best pancakes in Denver, so I went there for Sunday brunch. Unfortunately, it was absolutely packed and there was a wait of 30 minutes (slightly shorter because I was alone :-).

As everything looked really good, and I was very hungry (or so I thought), I ordered a "Big Breakfast": three eggs, bacon and sausages, home fries (which I substituted for wheat toast), and pancakes (which I upgraded for $1.99 to banana foster pancakes). Together with my large Americano this set me back almost $20! BUT, was it worth it!!! The bread was great, the bacon crispy, the sausages zesty, and the pancakes were simply amazing (the caramelly foster sauce was divine). Even the coffee is really good! Moreover, the portions were so big that I had to leave one piece of toast, one sausage, and roughly a quarter of the pancakes (and believe me, I did everything I could to finish that plate!).

VERDICT: 92/100
As far as breakfasts/brunches go, Toast is a 'little' piece of heaven! I don't know for a fact that their pancakes are the best in the Denver area, but I find it highly unlikely that even better pancakes would remain unnoticed anywhere.

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