Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mandarin (Antwerpen, Belgium)

Statiestraat 24, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium, T: 034-56-96-86

Mandarin is a self-acclaimed "Lebanese restaurant" at the heart of the Statiekwartier, an area next to the main railway station. In fact, it is a regular shoarma (shawarma) place, albeit a big and very successful one. Its popularity is a combination of location and price, although the quality isn;t bad either. I had the mixed grill, which includes a hamburger, a merguez sausage, shoarma, two pita's, fries, and six different sauces. This meal costs only 10 euro! The shoarma and merguez are the best parts of the meal, the fries the worst. Though the choice in sauces is good, I only really liked the red hot one -- the garlic sauce and (non-hot) red sauce are very tasteless.

VERDICT: 74/100
Mandarin offer decent food for a very low price in the heart of the city, not a bad offer. However. there are various shoarma places close by that are (much) better and only slightly more expensive.

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  1. YES! Is it very nice restaurant and nice mens :)) !! Pozdrowienia z Polski :)