Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frituur Skyline (Antwerpen, Belgium)

Gemeentestraat 5, 2060 Antwerpen, T: 03-234-04-30

Frituur Skyline is one of my favorite snack bars in Antwerp. This is not just because the quality is high, but also because it has an amazing selection of snacks, including at least 4 different meatballs. It is situated in a main street close to the railway station and is open till 1 AM weekdays and 3 AM in the weekends.

As always, I ordered a medium french fries (2.15) with mayonnaise (0.50) and a gigantico (2.20) with samurai sauce (0.60). A gigantico is a huge frankfurter with a layer of thick batter around it. Skyline is one of the few snack bars in Antwerp that carries this snack. Unfortunately, this time the owners were on holiday and a temp took care of business. Not only did she annoy me with her racist talk, she also undercooked my fries and overcooked my snack. However, normally the fries and snacks are baked well, so I will ignore this unfortunate mishap and judge the general performance.

VERDICT: 84/100
Frituur Skyline had really good fries, delivered fresh daily, but truly excels in its range of snacks (ca. 45) and sauces (over 30 different hot and cold ones). Prices are normal for Antwerp centrum. I highly recommend the gigantico and the swedish meatball!


  1. Hi, thanks for grading my shop. Next time I'll be here myself ;)

  2. What a clean shop is want to visit