Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pita Pan (Antwerpen, Belgium)

Keyser Center - UGC (next to the entry of the cinema) -- CLOSED IN JANUARY 2010!

Pita Pan is a Greek fast food chain with 17 restaurants in Greece and Cyprus and, since April 2009, one outside of Greece, in Antwerp. Its menu includes staples of Greek food, such as pita gyros, souflaki, but also various salads and other vegetarian options.

I ordered a Gyros Pita Pan (€ 5.20), which is classic pita gyros with salad and tzatziki sauce (but without fries, as they do in Greece). The ingredients were really fresh and the bread was crusty, but the tzatziki lacked that thick creamy taste I like on my pita. It was also quite small, particularly given the price.

VERDICT: 82/100
Pita Pan seems to be more a healthy snack option than a true pig out spot. Although they do carry various meat pita’s, they tend to be small and fairly light. Still, if your girlfriend wants something healthy and fresh, you can always go here and still get some grease in. ;-)

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