Monday, July 27, 2009

Westside Drive In (Boise, ID)

1939 West State, Boise, Idaho, T: 208-342-2957

The day before I made my (second) cross-country trip from Oregon to Indiana, I had bought the book Roadfood, which also has a website, and that was undoubtedly my best purchase in years. The Westside Drive In was one of their tips; not just because of their (allegedly famous) Chef Lou or their signature potato ice cream desert, but most of all because of their overall high quality food.

The Westside Drive In has a huge menu, including a broad variety of burgers, sandwiches, different types of fries, shakes, ice creams, etc. etc. I went for a Cajun burger, small curly fries, and a small banana shake (all for $10.57). DELISH!!! The burger, which was juicy and tasty, came with lecttuce, pickles, friend onions and peppers, and a zesty red sauce. The curly fries were tasty, if standard. The shake had real banana and was not too sweet or creamy.

VERDICT: 91/100
The Westside is definitely the best drive in I have visited so far. I wish I had another opportunity to sample some of the other burgers and shakes.

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