Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oklahoma Joe's BBQ (Kansas City, MO)

3002 W 47th Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66103, T: 913-722-3366

Oklahoma Joe's is one of the most famous bbq restaurants in the US. The winner of dozens of prizes, its original restaurant is situated in a former gas station (it now also has a location in Olathe, KS). As I had expected, there was a long line when I came in, but the efficient team behind the counter moved fast, so in the end the wait wasn't too bad and there was ample seating.

Unfortunately, I wasn't very hungry when I arrived at Oklahoma Joe's, and I heard great things about the sides, so I ordered only a regular pulled pork sandwich ($4.79), a regular bag of fries ($2.35), and a cup of spicy coleslaw ($3.19). The pork was firm but tender and you could smell and taste the smokiness of the meat. The award-winning sauce was very tangy and tasty. As I had been told by M., the fries were absolutely amazing, as was their own mayo (which , for my Belgian readers, had a bit of a samurai-feel to it). The spicy slaw, finally, lived up to its name and had a real kick to it.

VERDICT: 95/100
I love Oklahoma Joe's! I cannot wait to get back and try some of their other meat dishes, including ribs and a Carolina sandwich... but how do you do that without missing out of those amazing sides?!?!

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