Monday, July 27, 2009

Al's Chickenette (Hays, KS)

700 Vine St, Hays, Kansas, T: 785-625-7414

Another tip from Roadfood, Al's Chickenette is the place to be for... indeed, chicken! Now, I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of fried chicken, but when it is good and boneless, you can count me in. So, I took the exit from the I-70 and arrived just in time (the kitchen closes at 8.30 on Sundays).

I ordered a chicken tender dinner, which includes fries and a side salad, and a soda for a total of $10. The fries were thin-cut and home-made, but fried too cold, and thus soggy and overly fat. The salad was mostly dressing and iceberg lettuce - not necessarily bad, just not remarkable. What was remarkable, however, was the chicken. At first I was a bit upset that the tenders came without any dipping sauces. But when I took my first bite, I knew why: these tenders don't need any sauces. They were lightly battered and perfectly fried, making them so tender that you could almost suck them. Amazing!

VERDICT: 82/100
Whether you are a chicken-person or not, when you drive along the I-70 in Kansas, you must stop by Al's Chickenette. However, don't waste your stomach space (or calories, whatever) on the sides, stick with their specialty: fried chicken!

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  1. We used to eat there in the 60's. We would visit students attending Fort Hays State. Great place then and I am glad to hear it is still open now.