Monday, July 20, 2009

Gold Star Chili (Wilder, KY)

1007 Town Drive, Wilder KY, 41076, T: 859-781-0333
(there are 90 restaurants, of which almost 80 in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area)

Gold Star Chili is a chain in the Cincinnati/North Kentucky area; allegedly Cincinnati is Chilitown USA. It falls between a fast food place and a restaurant (there are waiters). They serve chili in bowls, on corndogs, on hot dogs, and on spaghetti.

M. has a vegetarian chili with beans, while I took a firehouse coney, and garlic bread. The firehouse coney is a small hot dog with mildly spicy chili; tasty, but not remarkable. Similarly, the garlic bread was tasty, but not remarkable. Prices were acceptable, however (roughly $10 for everything, including a small soda).

VERDICT: 72/100
Gold Star Chili is a decent enough fast food chain that provides an alternative to burgers. The chili wasn't bad, but the hot dog was extremely small. I do remain curious about the chili spaghetti.

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