Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bodensee Restaurant (Helen, GA)

64 Munich Strasse, Helen, GA 30545, T: 706-878-1026

  Helen is a small town in North Georgia that has traditionally had a large German population and has become a popular tourist attraction for its faux German style, stores and restaurants. Many of these restaurants are pure tourist traps: very kitschy and with poor overpriced food. Bodensee Restaurant gets good ratings online and turns out to be not that kitschy. Today it is busy because of the start of the Christmas Market, one of the main events in Helen. The waitresses are not in a very good mood. 

We order from the lunch menu. I get the Currywurst ($7.50), which come with fries. The sausage is good, thick with solid consistency, and drenched in a (bit too) string sweet curry sauce. Even the fries are authentic: as so often in Germany, they are the frozen, crinkle cut kind, deep fried crispy but a bit too dry. M. gets the Hungarian Gulash ($7.50), a beef stew with big chunks of potato. It has a good taste, but is a bit weaker than real (German-style) Hungarian Gulash. The side of warm red cabbage was delicious.

VERDICT: 86/100

Unlike several other German restaurants in Helen, Bodensee is definitely not just a tourist trap, serving very acceptable German food.

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  1. Aha, Bodensee Restaurant, we have them too here :))
    You're blog entries were again excellent !!!!