Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ameer's Mediterranean Grill (Atlanta, GA)

2168 Briarcliff Rd, Atlanta, GA, T: 404-982-0666


Ameer’s Mediterranean Grill is a relatively new Mediterranean restaurant in the Toco Hills area of Atlanta; known for its Jewish population and shops. It is relatively small, with only 6-8 tables, but a varied menu, including all the staples – appetizers (e.g. humus and baba ganoush), salads (e.g. tabouli and fatoush), sandwcihes (e.g. falafel and shawarma) and entrees (e.g. kabobs and schnitzel). You have to order, pay and pick up your food at the counter – they will bring it to your table if it’s not too busy.

M and I order a broad variety of dishes. The Humus ($4.99) has a really smooth texture and taste. It comes with pitas, which are big and fresh, perfect for dipping. We get a side of the Zhook Spicy ($1.50), a little spicy sauce that is a kind of fresh and spicy chimichuru, great to dip and put on sandwich. The Fatoush ($6.99) is very fresh, chopped in tiny pieces and well garnished (very lemony). Could have had more baked pita in it. The Falafel ($4.99) are six small balls, which are crispy outside and smooth inside. Delicious! The Beef and Lamb Shawarma sandwich ($7.99) is full of flavor, even if the meat itself isn't so special. The tightly wrapped Lebanese bread absorbs some of the spices of the pickle, tomato, tahini and humus and makes it a delicious mix. It comes with fries, the only disappointing item (soggy).

VERDICT: 91/100
Ameer’s serves great affordable Mediterranean food in an unassuming place.

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