Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hummus Cafe (Chapel-Hill, NC)

169 E East Franklin Street, Chapel-Hill, NC 27541, T: 919-240-7001


Hummus Café is a small dive in the heart of Chapel-Hill, home to the University of North Carolina. It serves mainly some Mediterranean sandwiches, such as shawarma and falafel. They also started swerving frozen yogurt and the owner was very keen on getting the (few) customers to try it.

I get a Chicken Shawarma ($5.25), which contains seasoned chicken slices with tomato, parsley, onion, and tahini, rolled in soft pita. Though the meat does not come from a skewer, it is very juicy.

VERDICT: 89/100
Hummus Café is a great place to get very affordable and tasty shawarma with authentic flavors.

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