Sunday, December 8, 2013

Leon’s Full Service (Decatur, GA)

131 E Ponce de Leon Avenue, Decatur, GA, T: 404-687-0500

Leon’s Full Service is a nice restaurant in downtown Decatur, which does great restaurant food with a bit of a Belgian twist. The inside is a mix of cottage bar and old-school diner, while they also have a nice patio. In addition to a full bar, Leon’s offers a full food menu, which features a couple of specials: charcuterie, cheese, frites, and “smalls” (e.g. cheddarwurst, chilled corn-chile soup, mussels).

We started with Bacon in a Glass ($5) with a side of Peanut Butter (+$0.50). While I loved the idea, the bacon was ok, but not special. The “Lug Nuts” ($3) are a variety of different nuts (including cashews and pecans) and their flavor changes daily. This day they were spicy. Definitely a good snack. We then ordered the Pub Frites ($6.50) come in a bucket and a choice of 2 of 14 dipping sauces. We chose black pepper mayonnaise, traditional mayonnaise and added goat cheese fondue. The fries are absolutely awesome: thick-cut, good potato taste, and fried crispy. Old-world good! The sauces are ok, but definitely not like real Belgian mayo!

For the real meal I had the burger ($11): grass-fed beef, house made 'catsup' and mustard, b & b pickles, and baby iceberg lettuce – as always, I opted out of the cheese (Tillamook cheddar in this case). While the beef was good, it was cooked a bit too long, and the burger overall was not remarkable.

VERDICT: 87/100
Leon’s is a great place to eat, but not a real pig out spot. The only thing that will bring me back again and again, however, are the Pub Frites!

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