Sunday, December 8, 2013

Goldberg's Bagel and Deli Restaurant (Atlanta, GA)

4383 Roswell Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30342, T: 404-256-3751

Goldberg’s Bagel and Deli was established by two Jewish immigrants from South Africa in Atlanta in 1972. It currently has seven locations in the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area, including one at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. It claims to offer “an authentic New York deli experience.” I visit the Roswell Road location in a non-descriptive strip mall, which is very busy on this Sunday around brunch time. It is separated into a deli and a restaurant part.

In the restaurant I get the Two Eggs with Bacon and Bagel ($10.79). The two eggs are well prepared, the bacon is chewy, and the side salad is just sad. On the upside, the bagel is good and solid. At the Deli, after waiting a very long time, I get three very small rugola and one small baguette (at a total of $4.50). The rugola are uninspiring and the baguette is good.

VERDICT: 80/100

Overall, Goldberg’s sell good bagels, but their restaurant is not worth the hefty price. Just get the bagels (and schmears) at the counter and eat them at home.

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