Sunday, December 8, 2013

Victory Sandwich Bar (Decatur, GA)

340 Church Street, Decatur, GA 30033, T: 404-377-9300

Victory Sandwich bar is a kind of hipster bar/restaurant in downtown Decatur, which serves highly original and funky-named sandwiches (e.g. Han Cholo, Cool Chick, Beast on Yeast), sides, salads, and spiked drinks. The selection changes somewhat, as do the “snacks” (such as “hummus of the week” and “harvest soup”), but they have several staples. It has a minimally designed inside, although with a somewhat random ping pong table, and a smaller, but nice, outside.

All sandwiches are just $4, the sides just $3.50 – but all are quite small. I have the Victory at Sea: white anchovis, frisee and lemon mayo on a crispy square white bun. I ordered it more out of curiosity, but it was actually delicious. The anchovies tasted not too salty because of the fresh lemony mayo. The side of coleslaw was fresh and tasty. M went more traditional and ordered The Hambo: prosciutto, mozzarella, arugula, apple and reduced balsamic. She liked it, though was not overwhelmed, but she did love the side of pasta salad. Next time we will definitely try “The Beeter:” beet ‘pastrami,’ white kimchi and Thai pepper mayo.

VERDICT: 89/100

I like both the concept and the food of the Victory Sandwich Bar. Small, affordable, fresh, original sandwiches and a changing selection of sides and salads. I just hope that they can stay in business at such an expensive location.

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