Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar (Charlotte, NC)

4310 Sharon Road, Charlotte, NC 28211, T: 704-365-1922


I am always highly skeptical of restaurants trying to do two very different things, so a “Sushi Burger Bar” raises many red flags for me. However, the Cowfish comes so highly regarded that I had to try it. I visited the original location at Southpark Mall in a very upscale part of Charlotte on a drive north – they recently opened a second location in Raleigh, NC.

The cars and shops around the restaurant already indicate that it is going to be fancy. The inside is well-designed and the waiters are professional and curious. The menu reflects the schizophrenic nature of the restaurant: a class American bistro menu is combined with a classic sushi menu, although everything with an original twist. I am only interested in the burger menu, which includes many unique concoctions, like the Boursin Burger, Granny’s Southern Pimento Cheese Burger and the Apple, Berry & Brie Turkey Burger.

I start with an appetizer: Coconut Battered Onion Rings ($4), which includes four huge, and I mean H-U-G-E, and thick onion rings, perfectly battered and fried, with a subtle coconut aftertaste. Comes with an Asian sweet-sour and a horseradish dipping sauce. Delicious! I then go for the Jalapeño Popper Show-Stopper ($12), an absolutely amazing burger, actually medium grilled, with thick tasty bacon, fried jalapeño poppers and fresh jalapeños, tomato, lettuce on a soft bun. Even without sauce (I skipped jalapeño cream cheese) it is delicious. Tit comes with string fries, which were well made, but are not my favorites.

VERDICT: 96/100
Wow! Just… Wow! This is the perfect restaurant to take your health-conscious partner to, as you can share a unique starter, before s/he goes for (great) sushi and you binge on an awesome burger.


  1. "Tit comes with string fries, which were well made, but are not my favorites."

    Label my appreciation of unfortunate spelling errors sophomoric, but, just the same.....

    (Don't ruin the moment for me by trying to explain how you started the sentence with the word "This", then thought things out, and tried to change it to "It".)

    Avon, Indiana here......found your site through somewhere I don't recall. Keep it up....

  2. Lol! Thanks for pointing it out. In your honor, and that of many with a similar sense of humor, I will not change it.

  3. well however its spelled it still sounds good . had a thought something was 'out of place" lol