Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Murphy's Ice Cream Parlour (Mississauga, ON)

9 Main Street, Mississauga, ON L5M, Canada, T: 905-826-8755

Small ice cream parlor in the heart of Mississauga, which is very popular among the local youth. They have a wide range of different flavors of ice cream, gelato, and frozen yoghurt. You can’t sit inside, only at some benches outside.

I have a chocolate-peanut cone with pistachio-almond and moose paw (I think it was called), M. a similar cone with double chocolate brownie.  All flavors are very creamy but not overly sweet, thus keeping the real tastes. The pistachio-almond is a great combination, the moose paw is an original blend of vanilla, raspberry syrup and chocolate pieces, while the double chocolate brownie had a thick and creamy chocolate flavor and was simply “decadent” (according to M).

VERDICT: 87/100
This is a great ice cream parlor with original combination and good creamy but nor overly sweet ice cream.

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