Monday, June 11, 2012

Dominick's Hot Dogs (Queens, NY)

Rego Park, Woodhaven Blvd and 67th Ave, Queens, NY 11374

Where do you get some of the best hot dogs in New York? Right, in a cart just outside of a cemetery! Dominick's Hot Dogs only has hot dogs and sodas. It has been featured in various local publications - it was elected best in New York by the New York Daily News (!) - and has a good local following. When I stop by on a Sunday afternoon, there are always other people coming or going.

All hot dogs are $1.50 and include a long, fairly thick, and very snappy juicy wiener on a perfectly steamed bun. I had one with delicious spicy mustard and a Chili Dog (chili was mainly beans, not very tasty).

VERDICT: 92/100
 Dominick's offers big, very tasty, but still cheap hot dogs. Ignore the chili, but do get the mustard!

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