Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goed Eten (Toronto, ON)

188 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z7. T: 416-533-3213

When I heard there was a Belgian restaurant in Toronto, which had authentic Belgian fries and mayo (!), I had to eat there. The little restaurant is situated in Little Portugal (I know) and has fairly tight hours. Goed Eten (Good Eating, in Dutch) has a limited menu built around fries, tostis (croque monsieur), waffles, and all-day breakfast. While some reviews complained about the service, that day there was a nice and attentive waitress.

I get the 8oz Beef Burger with Curry Sauce ($9): the thick bun overpowers the meat, which has a strange sweet taste, lettuce, apple string (?), and odd sauce (not curry). Not that tasty.  The Belgian Fries ($6) taste a bit sweet, are more fried than deep fried, not very crispy; ok. The mayo is weak, but has a hint of authenticity. M. has the Poutine Fries, Cheese Croquettes & Curds with Guinness Beef Stew ($9): the cheese croquettes are ok, but the stew is really tender and tasty. 

VERDICT: 77/100
Goed eten is pretty pricey for average quality (particularly in Toronto). Definitely NOT authentic Belgian food!

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