Monday, June 11, 2012

The Cornerstone Pub (Stilesville, IN)

6067 West US Highway 40 #A1, Stilesville, IN 46180, T: 317-539-7331

There is almost nothing between Plainfield and Greencastle, the roughly 26 miles I drive virtually every day... almost nothing. In the tiny spot of Stilesville is The Cornerstone Pub, which offers surprisingly good food! As an appetizer, I order a bowl of chili ($3.99), which is a mix of big chunks of grounded beef, tomato, and peppers; it is a bit watery, but very tasty. My entree is the Famous "Big Stone" ($7.99), their version of the Big Mac... even if this mere analogy is heresy. The two patties are charbroiled, crunchy and tasty, the special sauce could have been a bit dominant. It comes with chips, which are not homemade.

VERDICT: 87/100
The Cornerstone Pub offers amazingly good food for a random pub in a tiny village.

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