Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brewhaus (Chattanooga, TN)

224 Frazier Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37405, T: 423-531-8490

The Brewhaus is an original combination of German Bierstube and American bar. It has a relatively small inside and a nice outside deck. It offers a great selection of beers, mostly  but not exclusively German(-style), and German fare. The main staples are sandwiches (Belegtes Brot), sausages, and schnitzels.

We ordered the Curry Wurst ($.8.50) and the Wiener Schnitzel ($17.00), which both come with two sides. The Curry Wurst was remarkably authentic: slices of soft and tasty sausage in a thick warm curry sauce - they only missed the Curry gewurz powder to finish it off. The Wiener Schnitzel was made a fairly thin veal, thinly breaded, but much too greasy prepared. As sides we had Bier Cabbage, which is beer-cooked red cabbage (ok, but not too tasty); German potato salad, which contained chunks of warm potato with bits of bacon and apple, vinegar, mustard seeds and fresh chives (very tasty!); Vinegar Slaw (bit too dry and raw); and Home Fries, little chunks of fried potato (very nice). We finish with a Schwarzwalder Kirchtorte (Black Forest Cherry Cake), which is made by a local bakery (The Grand Chocolatier), which looked a bit like a chocolate bomb, but had some original taste to it (just lighter and more creamy).

VERDICT: 89/100
This is a really original concept that combines great beers with American-styled German foods.

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