Monday, June 11, 2012

Mug 'n Bun (Speedway, IN)

5211 West 10th Street, Speedway, IN 46224, T: 317-244-5669

In the 1950s probably every American town had a drive-in, but today these places have become a rarity. Normally they only survive in small towns without competition... or, if they are really good, in more competitive places. Mug 'n Bun is billed as "Indy's Oldest & Finest Drive-In" and has a huge menu: all the classics, floats, fish and seafood. It's most famous for its root beer.

I have been wanting to go here for a long time, and now that I am finally here, I want to sample as many things as possible. Unfortunately, I am alone... First, I get a Coney ($4.50): chili and onion, fairly soft bun, little sausage, not much taste of the chili. The Breaded Tenderloin ($3.80) is thinly breaded and very tender tenderloin on a soft bun with mayo and lettuce/tomato/onion: huge and delicious. The French Fries (regular at $2.00) are wrinkle fries, nothing special. An original dish are the Onion Nibbles (regular at $2.00), small onion rings, lightly battered and tasty. I dip them in a side of Horseradish Sauce ($0.70), which is very fresh though not very spicy. Finally, the large soda ($1.60) is watery, but comes in their mug.

VERDICT: 84/100
Mug 'n Bun is a very decent drive-in and if you choose wisely, i.e. breaded tenderloin and onion rings, it is both tasty and affordable.

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