Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bru Burger Bar (Indianapolis, IN)

410 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202, T: 317-635-4278 (4BRU)

I am seldom excited about trends in the restaurant industry, but the recent trend in upscale burger restaurants is an exception. While the burgers are not always better than in a dive, it allows you to eat burgers at a place that your wife can east a salad. Bru Burger Bar is a great new place in the hip Mass Ave area of downtown Indy with excellent beers and one of the best terraces of Indy. Their menu is build around a good selection of original gourmet burgers.

For appies we are getting the BRU Fries ($6), which comes with House Ketchup, Black Pepper Mayo & Chipotle BBQ. The fries are absolutely amazing, and the black pepper mayo in particular is very tasty. 

I get The End ($11), a thick juicy burger with cartelized onion, lettuce, tomato, truffle aioli, and a fried egg (I opt out of the horseradish havarti). It has a very fresh and full flavor; almost doesn't taste like a burger (in a good way). For $2 I get a side of onion rings, which have a very thick tempura batter that is addictive, but very fat. M. has the Ground Turkey Burger ($9), which has a thick turkey patty (which is a little bit dry this time), carrot ginger salad, peach compote, and curried mayo on a multigrain bun. It is by far the best turkey burger I have ever had.

VERDICT: 93/100
High-end burger restaurants are not always the best places to pig out. But Bru Burger Bar satisfies both the high-brow and the pig out eater. The fries are incredible, the onion rings addictive (and very fat), and the burgers fresh and high quality. True gourmet burgers!

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