Thursday, July 9, 2015

La Pataterie (Roye, France)

Route de Rosières, 80700 Roye, France, T: 03-22-88-88-77

La Pataterie is a French chain, which has restaurants all over France. It is an odd looking place, kind of ski hut. I got off the A1 in the hope to find a kind of Friture, but it is rather a baked potatoes place, which also serves all kinds of salads and their own “Les Patates Burgers”.

Obviously, I get one of those “Les Patates Burgers”, more specifically the Patata Burger “Le Bigre” (14.90). It really is a bacon burger with caramelized onions, but sandwiched between two röstis (kind of potato cakes) rather than a bun. I get it without cheese, but with a side of fries and mayo. I must admit that I am very skeptical. The burger (minced steak) is very well prepared (medium, as ordered) and tastes good. It is overpowered by the two quite thick röstis, which are also well prepared but just not really my thing. The onions and bacon are also tasty, particularly given that the burger comes without sauce. The fries are airy and crispy, not what I had expected of a place specializing in potato products. Nice though.

They have a huge dessert menu, including Liege Waffles, profiteroles (in different numbers), cakes, and ice creams. I get the “3 Sorbets of Summer” (5.90): lemon, strawberry, peach, whip cream, and a macaroon. Tastes are not very good, only lemon has some taste. The whip cream is very thick and heavy.

VERDICT: 82/100
Mixed messages. The burger was good, but just not my thing. The ice cream was my thing, but not very good.

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