Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chef Stefan’s Food Truck (Antwerp, Belgium)

Theaterplein, Antwerp, Belgium, T: 0486-882-258

Chef Stefan’s Food Truck is one of the newer additions to the “Foreigners Market” (Vreemdelingenmarkt), every Saturday in downtown Antwerp, is Chef Stefan’s Food Truck. It is a small cart where Chef Stefan makes fresh hamburgers and wraps. As he has very little space to cook, it takes a while. He also does  catering and a few other, local markets.

I get Chef Stefan’s Classic (3.50), which is clearly inspired by the Big Mac. However, it is in many ways a perfect version of a Big Mac, i.e. with fresh ingredients, a real burger prepared on the griddle, and a special sauce.

VERDICT: 89/100
Chef Stefan does an excellent burger for Europe.


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