Sunday, July 26, 2015

B&D Burgers (Savannah, GA)

209 W Congress St, Savannah, GA 31401, T: 912-238-8315

B&D Burgers is a local chain of burger restaurants with currently four locations in Savannah, Georgia. They have been elected “Best Burger in Savannah” since 2001! Their menu features the type of dishes you expect in a burger restaurant slash sports bar, i.e. burgers, salads, sandwiches. However, there are many special items (e.g. Spud Mountain, Wagyu Sliders) and special twists (e.g. habanero jack cheese, fried green tomatoes). In addition to several signature burgers (and sliders), you can also build your own burger. You have choice out of different patties (Angus beef, bison, turkey, elk, bean), buns (white, whole wheat, pretzel, and gluten free), toppings (incl. feta cheese, guacamole), and sides (e.g.  “fry of the week”, applesauce).

I start out with Alligator Fritters (Market Price), which are small crispy deep-fried balls of meat with a odd, soft consistency and not that much taste. The dip sauce has a nice kick to it though. I then build my own burger: 1/2lb Angus beef ($11.99), white bun, Fried Green Tomato (+$0.50), Fresh Jalapenos (+$0.50), Applewood Smoke Bacon (+$1), and Smokey BBQ Sauce (+$0.25). I get it medium and it comes out medium-well, which is not too bad. Overall the burger is really good. Full of taste! The side of B&D fries is quite good too: hand cut, relatively thin, potatoes with light seasoning. M. has The Ellis Square with Turkey ($12.49), which comes with habanero jack cheese, Applewood Smoke Bacon, provolone, and fresh avocado slices. She loves it and says the cheese has a strong kick to it. Her sides are Sweet Potato Fries, which are also good.

VERDICT: 90/100
B&D Burgers is an excellent local chain that serves overall very good, but quite pricey, food.

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